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What is the price of kitchen utensils?


As people's lives are greatly improved with the rapid development of the economy, people's kitchen changes are also quite characteristic. For example, gas appliances have experienced stages such as briquettes, liquid gasification, honeycomb coal, pipeline gas, and electromagnetic cookers. From these aspects, we have also seen the reform of China's industry indirectly. Today's hotel kitchen equipment is diverse and well-equipped, and the design of each equipment series is very Chinese, and of course there are Western-style catering equipment. Next, go with the Go, how much is the price of such a set of kitchen appliances ?

Kitchen appliances prices - refrigeration equipment

Refrigeration equipment is an important point in the kitchen equipment of the hotel. It mainly includes refrigerators, cubic freezers, desktop freezer and other products. It is expected that the price difference will be less than 10,000 yuan. It is better to set up refrigeration equipment in the kitchen equipment of the hotel. The insurance food, like the refrigerator in the home kitchen equipment, has an irreplaceable role. In addition, there are a series of hotel kitchen equipment such as water purification equipment, electric steam cabinet, microwave oven, mixer, rice cooker and electric oven. Every one must be at least a hundred or thousands of dollars.

Kitchen appliances prices - catering equipment

In some hotel kitchen equipment, Chinese catering equipment and Western-style catering equipment are reserved. Whether it is Western or Chinese, there are still pots and pans. In the dining of kitchen equipment in this restaurant, cups, plates, chopsticks, spoons, rice bowls, disposable tableware, etc., if the price is calculated, at least 6,000 yuan of budgetary funds should be prepared, which may be taken down. Large-scale restaurant kitchen equipment, these things are generally available, and they are also very elegant to use. General hotel kitchen equipment is also relatively complete, but not so much high-end attention.

Kitchen appliances prices - sanitary equipment

What is the most important thing in the kitchen, the preservation of food? The deliciousness of the dishes? Or the craft of the chef? No, it is the health of the kitchen, the most important. A kitchen can cook dozens or hundreds of delicious dishes, which are important to the health. It is very important to set up sanitary equipment in the kitchen equipment of the hotel, such as disinfection cabinets, electronic fly eater, dishwasher, etc. The price of kitchen equipment in these restaurants is about 2,000 yuan. In high-end kitchens, these are generally equipped. Equipment does not need to be completely concerned about health and safety.

Kitchen appliances prices - environmentally friendly equipment

Everyone must be very surprised. Why do you have to have environmental protection equipment in the kitchen equipment? In fact, this environmental protection equipment refers to equipment such as soot discharge and liquid discharge. The kitchen refers to clean, not only the food should be clean, the equipment should be clean, and the environment needs Clean, in the air, we can't see hidden bacteria in the naked eye. Too much oily smoke will cause harm to the human body. For food, it is also harmful. Therefore, hotel kitchen equipment must have environmental protection equipment to eliminate the potential hazards of oil smoke. This hotel kitchen equipment, its budget funds need about 3,000 yuan.

Kitchen appliances prices - other equipment

In addition to the above several aspects of equipment, in addition to the hotel kitchen equipment should also be equipped with air conditioning equipment, about 18,000 yuan; Kitchen Tools: Cutting Board, kitchen knife, fork, clip, shovel, pot, tray, etc., the budget is 2000 yuan or so; supplies equipment: storage box, storage racks, barrels, basins, storage boxes, electric fans, exhaust fans, lockers, etc., the budget funds are about 15,000 yuan; hotel kitchen equipment must have fire equipment, Because the kitchen is a very important place, a little accident will cause a safety accident, and equipped with fire-fighting equipment can help reduce the damage.

The above is the relevant introduction made by everyone of Go for everyone's reference. For more information, please look forward to the follow-up report of

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