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What are the classifications of kitchen utensils


The kitchen is an indispensable space in our daily life. In the process of making three meals a day, we must use Kitchen Utensils, such as pots and pans, cutting boards, tableware, stoves, etc., then how to buy Kitchen utensils ? Which types of kitchen utensils can be divided according to the purpose? There are several ways to store kitchen utensils? Xiaobian lists the following articles according to the general classification. I hope everyone can help after reading them.


First, the kitchen utensils are classified according to the purpose

1. Storage utensils: Generally divided into two categories: storage food and storage kitchen utensils. Storage foods are generally through refrigerators or refrigerators, while kitchen kitchen utensils are storage cabinets for storage of tableware, Cooking Utensils and utensils.

2, washing supplies: including the supply of hot and cold water, sinks, faucets, etc., after washing to throw garbage into the trash, many modern homes are also equipped with advanced equipment such as disinfection cabinets.

3, cooking utensils: such as choppers, chopsticks, shovel, etc., juicers, cooking machines can also be regarded as cooking kitchen utensils.

4, Cooking Tools: stoves and cooking related tools and utensils, such as rice cookers, smart pressure cookers, microwave ovens, ovens are also cooking tools.

Second, the purchase of kitchen utensils

There are many brands of kitchen utensils on the market, and the materials are also various. It is recommended that you choose stainless steel at the time of purchase. It is not recommended to buy aluminum, because aluminum kitchen utensils are easily oxidized and corroded, and iron is easy. Rusting, so everyone must be optimistic about the material to decide when purchasing.


Third, the classification of kitchen utensils

Kitchen decoration should be placed on the sorting and sorting, and different storage methods are available to facilitate the use of kitchen utensils.

1. The common cooker and wok are large and heavy. It is best placed under the kitchen cabinet. Because the vertical distance between the upper and lower sides is short, the operation is easy and saves time. The kitchen utensils with lower usage rate can be placed in the cabinet. In the corner or drawer, together with the lid, both airy and dry

2, a wide range of spatula and cooking supplies, can be placed on the wall of the hanging rods, hangers, countertop storage compartments, you can hang some spatula, soup spoon, scoop, foil or insurance blog, line up more Easy to pick up. It is also possible to design several small pieces on the wall hanger to prevent the contents of the bottle and jar condiments. You can also put some small cutting boards, water filter trays, seasoning boxes and so on.

3, fragile material dishware can be stored in the chest of drawers below or the top of the hanging cabinet or open layer, tableware is suitable wherever placed, but porcelain large dishes, bowls are best stored in the cabinet Below, avoid the danger of being handsome because the hand does not ask. The capacity of the drawer on the rack is relatively large, and it can adapt to various forms of tableware.


4, high-risk knives and dining utensils need to pay special attention to safety in storage, it is best to collect the props in the knife holder or box, cutlery, chopsticks, soup spoons and other piecemeal dining utensils, can be prevented according to classification In the compartment of the drawer, the imported cabinets will even plan the detailed storage specifications for the brand-name appliances, so that the food containers can be exquisitely stored.

5, the kitchen always has small appliances such as rice cookers, coffee makers, toasters, cooking machines, etc., because they need to be plugged in, they will be placed in the countertops or cabinets with power jacks.

6, garbage kitchen and cleaning tools. Cleaning tools are usually placed under the sink or in the drawers and sink baskets below the countertops. Today, it is a popular open kitchen. The location of the trash cans is best adjacent to the sink. The bins can also be sorted according to different functions. To prevent plastic bags, bottles, peels, etc.

The above is the classification of kitchen utensils and the basic storage method of kitchen utensils, so we must arrange reasonable arrangements in the selection of placement. For more exciting home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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